Corporate & Events Management

...from customer open days to black tie dinners
Corporate & Events Management August 3, 2022
Delivering experiences, not just events

We plan and deliver events and experiences from beginning to end. If you have an idea, we can turn that vision into reality. Equally, if you have no clue, we can work with you to create something bespoke and incredible. 

From product launch events and customer open days to charity black tie dinners, we can design a memorable event for you, while you just sit back and relax. 

How does it work?


Identify your

...event type

Charity, corporate, or private? What are you looking to achieve with your event? Raising funds, launching a product, or just a celebration? We will ask the questions to find out!


Let's talk venues

...and entertainment

Do you have a specific location in mind, or want hospitality or entertainment? All these things provide us with the framework to start planning your perfect event.



...of all kinds

Now we have some ideas, let’s see how they work with the budget or number of attendees. Then we can get down to the specifics, such as dates and times.


The countdown on

We have a concept, budget, attendees and dates – we will get everything booked and liaise with your venue to make sure everything is hunky dory up to the start of your event!

Let us create your corporate event charity event private event

Each type of event requires a different approach, depending on whether you want to engage customers, employees or attendees. A corporate event will largely be focused on your brand values and bringing those values to life in line with your products or services – that’s where we can work our magic. We can create an experience that will build loyalty with existing customers and suppliers, or reward employees, be it as a conference, business dinner, golf day, product launch, or a day at the races.

Charity events come in all shapes and sizes. You can be reassured that we can deliver an exciting, engaging event to a strict budget, that will raise your charities profile and raise those all important funds.  

A private event is just that. We can create a memorable experience, from dinner parties to cocktails and canapes.

We are more than just events

Event planning itself is all about the how, the where and the when. Utilise the rest of our fantastic services to ensure your event is a success. Need to invite a select group of VIPs? Let us design some stunning invitations! Or need to promote it? Let’s put together a marketing strategy to maximise your attendees.

Get in touch today and let’s make your event a success