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...yesterday's news is tomorrow's customers
PR & Communications August 3, 2022
Words really do matter

Whether it’s a press release, magazine article, blog, website content or brochure copy – words really do matter. Finding the right tone and messaging is just as key for your brand as a logo and colour palette. 

Brilliant storytelling helps you stand out in a crowded landscape and gives you the attention you deserve, whether online or in print. It’s a powerful and impactful way to attract attention, engage audiences, and influence customer behaviours.

How does it work?


Long term

...or short term

We find out how you want your communications strategy to work – if it’s ongoing or something more short term.


Make a plan

...or just get cracking

If it’s ongoing, we work to a 3 month strategy – so much can change in such a short time. If it’s something more short term, we can get cracking straight away.


The seal

...of approval

You’ll be sent a draft for each piece of work we do, in plenty of time to make changes before it’s delivered wherever it needs to be, and we can make any amends you need. 



Your written wonder will be off to it’s final home. We can send this on, upload any blogs, or simply pass it over to you!

Communicate your thoughts opinions ideas news successes

Every marketing strategy needs written communication in some form, but it’s no good it just ending up lonely on a word document with nowhere to go. 

Every written piece will have a purpose. If you have a new product to launch, we can work with you to find the best publications for your industry, or local press, depending on where it will get the most exposure.

Thought-leadership pieces are also perfect for showcasing your knowledge – while they might not be a direct advertisement of your products or services, it positions you as an expert in your field. Blogs are perfect for talking about current issues and hot topics – they’re also a way to keep your website content fresh and boost your SEO. 

We are more than just communications

Copywriting also plays a key role in your brochures and direct mail, email campaigns… in fact every other area of your marketing strategy. Consistency is key when presenting yourself in word form to the outside world. 

We can work on all of your literature to ensure they are designed and written together – so no more odd space where we’ve run out of words, or a page that’s overcrowded! It will all be just right. 

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