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Social Media Planner April 19, 2024

With extensive experience in marketing, from the perspective of being part of an in-house team as well as working in an agency, we understand the challenges and difficulties faced from both sides. 

Agencies will typically give you a monthly retainer, whether that’s for specified tasks or a set number of hours. However, that doesn’t always meet the requirements of every business – marketing isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ service. 

The beauty of working with a forward-thinking and independent marketing agency is that we can work together in a way that fits you and your business – like having your own marketing Siri.

We’ve been lucky enough to work in a wide variety of different industries, from construction to hair and beauty, aesthetics to charity, and fitness to automotive! Each of these industries come with their own unique marketing obstacles, but all share the common need for consistent, meaningful messaging in order to stand out against the competition. 

Marketing is an ever-evolving beast, and it can be hard for companies to keep up and adapt strategies, or even take that first step into promoting themselves to the wider world. Nix Collective is here to help businesses and organisations, big and small, tackle their brand, marketing, and communication challenges, no matter what stage they are at – and that’s what we love.

We also provide many other services that you would associate with a typical marketing agency… check out our Concierge service to take advantage of our passion for organising travel and amazing experiences – a few extra ways that you can level up your business right here!

Why is Nix Collective different?

Meet the team

Nikki Dunbar
Founder & Boss Lady

Fuelled by coffee and gin...and wine. Absolute film geek, often found quoting them. Love the gym and finding excuses not to go... (it's a love hate thing).

Fun fact...I was known as 'Crayons' in my previous graphic life, it still stands and I will respond.

I also think I’m an interior designer and set up an Instagram profile to showcase my ridiculous amount of cushions and candles!

PA & Mouse Catcher

Often found sleeping on the job, catching mice, maintaining territorial positions against the neighbour's cat, or trying to steal bags of Dreamies.

Divides his personality between his Tabby half and Bengal half, depending on what side of the bed he got out of...

Regularly brings presents to the office, but not ones of human choice. Prefers the night shift, although susceptible to fear of missing out in daylight hours.

Simon Owen

I love literature and have an absolute passion for words - I quite literally couldn’t do my job without them.

I don’t exercise, I can’t cook, and I’m useless at DIY, but I can write you lovingly crafted content, from press releases and articles, to web and email campaign copy.

In my spare time, I perform in musicals with local theatre groups - so I’m ideally placed to make a song and dance out of your business.

But that's enough about us...

…tell us about you, your business, and what you want to achieve – get in touch, we can’t wait to hear from you!