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Social Media August 3, 2022
Your social media should never be an afterthought

Whether it forms part of your overall strategy, or it’s your main online presence, we can ensure your social media marketing works alongside wider marketing goals to give you the best results.

It’s a common misconception that it forms a separate entity, but it is in fact an extremely powerful tool when aligned with the rest of your marketing mix. Not only does it allow you to share content, but it allows you to shape the conversation by having that all-important insight into your customers and potential customers, helping to influence your future content.

How does it work?


Analyse, analyse

...and analyse again

Let’s see how your current social media is performing – what does well for you, what doesn’t and where improvements could be made.


Let's make

...a plan

We put together your social media strategy, give you ideas for content, and discuss how we can work for you or alongside you.


Any extras

...with that?

We can also discuss the possibility of PPC advertising on social media. Of course, it might not be something for you right now – but that’s no problem.


Let's get

If you’re happy with everything, we get cracking – at whatever level we have agreed!

Creating engaging content for Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn TikTok

But only if it’s right for you. Every social media channel has benefits for different businesses and business types, we won’t shoehorn content and waste precious time and money into a platform that’s not necessarily right for you, just because it exists. 

We offer social media in a number of ways. We can either become your social media manager, checking your inbox, responding to reviews, creating and posting content. We can also be your social media ninja…just posting content to allow you to still have full control of everything else. 

Or… we can just be a one-off – create some content and graphics to get you on your way and give you our advice – just let us know! 

We are more than just social media

We understand the platforms and know what content will get great results. But we also write creative posts and design some pretty graphics to sit alongside them too! It’s a huge advantage having everything from one agency. 

Let’s have a chat about how we can level up your business.