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Web Design nikki@nixcollective.co.uk August 8, 2022
Your website is your shop-front

It should entice people in and help them find exactly what they need. Boosting your online presence starts here – from a one-page website to an e-commerce store. We can create your seamless website that reflects your brand, whilst maintaining a sleek user experience.

Whether you are starting from scratch or redeveloping an existing project, we can work with you every step of the way, understanding your website goals, audience and objectives. We can also work with a view to how your website will function and integrate with your existing or upcoming marketing strategies. 


Tell us about

...your project

We will discuss your objectives, your current website (if applicable), what you like, and what you don’t! And also map out the scope for the project as a whole.


We will put together

...some ideas

We will go away and create a single page template of how your website might look, to give you something palpable to ponder over. 


Develop, perfect and

...ditch any gremlins

We can carry out tweaks and amends until it’s right for you, and then we can go ahead and develop your full site – then test it, test it, and test it some more to make certain it’s perfect and that there’s no gremlins!


5, 4, 3, 2, 1


On launch day, we can make sure everything goes into the internet universe without a hitch, allowing you to promote, integrate, and use your website straight away.

Website design for hair & beauty aesthetics construction home improvement fitness automotive manufacturing

With experience in so many industries, we know what works and what can make you stand out. Websites exist for different reasons – maybe you want to have an appointment booking system for your salon, showcase your work for home improvements, or just have a simple online presence. They’re all just as important as each other. 

And with 70% of mobile searches now resulting in conversions, responsive web design is a must. With a strong background in graphic design, we don’t just focus on the technical functionality (as important as that is), it needs to look good too, and on all devices.    

We can also help you source or edit your own photos and videos, write all of your content, and plan out your navigation and site map, because let’s face it… how many times have we all got annoyed at not being able to see a product or find the relevant information quickly – remember the three click rule!  

Helping Google find your website is vital – you don’t want to remain in the dark depths of a Google search. All websites will be written after carefully considered keyword research, using the right number of words, and all the other technical dark arts that go off in the background, to make sure you’re seen! 

We are more than just web design

A website is nothing without a logo – take advantage of our branding packages to take your business to a new level. Do you want your customers to be able to download more information with brochures, or use it as a resource for aftercare leaflets or consent forms – plus much more – we can also write and design those to ensure that everything has a consistent, uniform appearance, amplifying your brand both online and offline. 

Your website also needs traffic. We can provide you with a full marketing strategy or simply create social media or email campaigns – driving traffic through to your site and in turn attracting customers! 

Get in touch today and see how we can help!